This song gave me goose bumps the first time I heard it
I know that you are worth my time
It made my ears ring this going around in my head
The scar of you love bring me out the dark

I don't want to hear another word out of you
Not again
Remember all we had this memories of you
Tear down stars,the sky will cry

★Take down
 Tonight calling
 Take care of me Take it away
 I will never find another you
 Forever,we will change forever we will learn everyday
 The clouds break now

The weaker somebody is the more noise he makes

Can make me lone alive
You're drowning in the sadness
Well I pray,that I'll be alright
Pray and pray but it won't get better
I'm wasting away


No clouds in my storms
So go on and the rain pour
I'll be there
You say it's to late to make it
I need to here to your voice


When you're gone

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